Week 17 – MKE – “Created in God’s image to have dominion over all things”

The very most important thing we need dominion over is out THOUGHTS.  This is what makes us “Nature’s greatest miracle”, we can Think.  The right kinds of continuous good thoughts can program our subconscious which is our most direct connection to God AND the brain that makes over 95% of our decisions.  So to have dominion over all things we must start with our own thinking.


From Lesson 17 we are told that Man has “dominion over all things”; this dominion is established through Mind. Thought is the activity which controls every principle beneath it. The highest principle by reason of its superior essence and qualities necessarily determines the circumstances, aspects, and relation of everything with which it comes in contact. The vibrations of mental forces are the finest and consequently the most powerful in existence. To those who perceive the nature and transcendence of mental force, all physical power sinks into insignificance.  We are accustomed to look upon the Universe with a lens of five senses, and from these experiences our anthropomorphic conceptions originate, but true conceptions are only secured by spiritual insight. This insight requires a quickening of the vibrations of the Mind, and is only secured when the mind is continuously concentrated in a given direction.  Continuous concentration means an even, unbroken flow of thought and is the result of patient, persistent, persevering and well-regulated system.

This is easier said than done. Life gives us continuous distractions and you need more than just good intentions.  Part of training my brain is the need for quiet periods without distraction every day.  Meditation, prayer, affirmations, and other thought activities to train the subconscious brain to form new and better habits.  Habits that I want, like kindness, patience, faith, courage, etc.

I know that I am “Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, and Happy” and  I tell myself this multiple times every day.  I hope my subconscious brain is catching on.  I think it is.



Week 16 MKE – Kindness…find it NOW

This last week I was challenged to focus on the Christlike attribute of Kindness.  To look for occasions to express kindness in my acts and look for it in others.  Specifically doing acts that make others jobs easier and find a few ways each day that you can do an act of kindness, surprising a person and not letting them know it was you who performed the act.

zoe ferguson

It was a wonderful week and saw kindness everywhere and focused on my own active participation in these acts.  As we all know kindness starts with our thoughts.  Below is a short article I found which is right in line with the MKE program and my thinking:

“Thinking kind thoughts is a Christlike attribute. Kindness originates in hearts and minds. A lack of kindness can begin with critical thoughts of others, and it can develop into a habit of finding fault. However, if we accept responsibility for our own reactive thinking, we can become more charitable. Rather than judging others, we grow in understanding and kindness.  Kindness in the home, workplace, church, and school can open passages to hearts that have been blocked with misunderstandings. Showing kindness to others allows them to let go of angry feelings so they can focus on real issues. Kindness helps us and others feel acceptance and gain confidence.”

Here is a few significant points made in this weeks MKE lesson around the need to keep our minds focused on good, wholesome thought, like kindness.

“If our thought is constructive and harmonious we manifest good; if it is destructive and discordant we manifest evil.  If you desire to visualize a different environment, the process is simply to hold the ideal in mind, until your vision has been made real; give no thought to persons, places or things; these have no place in the absolute; the environment you desire will contain everything necessary; the right persons, and the right things will come at the right time and in the right place.”

“It is sometimes not plain how character, ability, attainment, achievement, environment and destiny can be controlled through the power of visualization, but this is an exact scientific fact.  You will readily see that what we think determines the quality of mind, and that the quality of mind in turn determines our ability and mental capacity, and you can readily understand that the improvement in our ability will naturally be followed by increase in attainment and a greater control of circumstances.”

“It will thus be seen that Natural laws work in a perfectly natural and harmonious manner; everything seems to “just happen.” If you want any evidence of this fact simply compare results of your efforts in your own life, when your actions were prompted by high ideals and when you had selfish or ulterior motives in mind. You will need no further evidence.”

I continue the goal this week of constantly having Christlike thoughts in my mind.  This will be helped by continuing to l look for KINDNESS in the world around me and look for opportunities to act it out as well.

MKE Week 15 – Laws determine all our Lifes Outcomes​

There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated— And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.” D&C:130, 20-21

Week Fifteen lesson will tell more about the laws under which we live. It explains that these laws operate to our advantage; that all conditions and experiences that come to us are for our benefit; that we gain strength in proportion to the effort expended, and that our happiness is best attained through conscious cooperation with natural laws.

Seems so simple, learn the Natural Laws, make a full-time application of them and find our happiness.  I am talking about the 7 laws of the Mind.  This lesson tells us that,  All the great eternal forces act in solemn silence, but it is in our power to place ourselves in harmony with them and thus express a life of comparative peace and happiness.  So we must put our lives in harmony with these laws to garner the great rewards.

Another important consideration is, growth is attained through an exchange of the old for the new, of the good for the better; it is a conditional or reciprocal action, for each of us is a complete thought entity and this completeness makes it possible for us to receive only as we give.  We need to give u the old to receive the new and in my mind the most important characteristic to develop is LOVE.  Since Natural Laws are God’s Laws the most important is LOVE.  We have been asked to Love God with all our being AND our neighbor as yourself.  Love forms the basis of The Law of Attraction.  When you give Love you receive what you need, Harmony and Happiness.

Radiate Love and Joy to all we meet is the first good step in the process of aligning our selves with God’s Natural Laws.   We do this by a mental fast from any and all negative input and from all judgments.  This opens our minds to God’s channels.

I have been working on this process every day and am beginning to feel and seeing more positive in my life.   The MKE program has helped me understand and follow a process to bring more harmony and happiness into my life… resources as well.

May we all find and follow the Natural Laws that bring us the Harmony, Happiness, and resources into our lives.

MKE Week 14 – How we work.. the Brain

I have spent my life discovering how things work.  It has been a wonderful lifelong learning experience.  The two areas that I have, over time, become a subject expert are, how computers work and how Leaders work.  In this program, MKE, I am doing a deep dive into how we work. More specifically how our control system, our BRAIN works.  Knowing how this works will allow us to put it to better use and be able to develop the life we all want, full of health, happiness and the necessary resources to allow this to happen.

Below is my simple picture of our Brain connections:


First, our Subconscious Mind is directly connected to the Universal Mind (GOD).  Our Conscious Mind is NOT.  If we train our Subconscious Mind to align with the Universal Mind (God’s Mind) we can take advantage of the Universal Mind’s Power to bring us to the state of Happiness and Harmony in our lives.  We can not control either the Universal Mind or our own Subconscious Mind.  Our only control is over our Conscious Mind.  Science tells us that 95% or more of our decisions are made by our Subconscious Mind, without using our Conscious Minds.  WOW.   So that being the case, in my thinking, the main purpose of the Conscious Mind is to re-program the Subconscious Mind since it is automatically making 95% of our decisions.  This is very similar to a computer that has been programmed to perform very specific functions dependent on its input.  This is how are Subconscious Mind works.  Input is provided by our 5 senses and program is rapidly performed giving us the result, a decision and/or action.

So how did our Subconscious Mind get programmed originally?   Most believe in the first 7 years of our life as a result of our environment.  How do we change it?  We change it with our Thinking Mind (Conscious Mind) by understanding and using the 7 Laws of the Mind.  I defined those in my Week 12 Blog.  Here is another picture to help us understand the two parts of our Brain, Conscious and Unconscious Minds.


The above two pictures and the 7 Laws of the Mind make it clear to me the job I need to do to change who I am and become better thus giving my Subconscious Mind the task providing the resources required for me to achieve the goal of total Happiness and Harmony in my life.  Also helping others find the same.  Remember ONLY the Subconscious Mind is connected to the Universal Subconscious Mind (God) with all the power to deliver the Happiness and Harmony we all strive to obtain.

MKE has provided me with this interesting discovery and the detail process necessary to re-program my mind.  I am in this process now with 14 more weeks of learning and behavioral changes to affect my own personal Subconscious programming.  Love the progress to date.  I know know that I am “Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy” and I need to make sure my Subconscious Mind understands who I am.  I also now know that “I can be what I want to be” if I “Do It Now”!!

Comments welcomed.

Week 13 -MKE …Happiness & Harmony

What everyone is seeking is Happiness and Harmony.

This MKE program is helping us find it in our lives.  It seems that the smallest parts of our brain, the Limbic and Reptilian brains, control what everyone seeks.  The Neocortex or Thinking Brain is used to train the other two brains to give us what we seek.  If we think of some form of material wealth we may secure it.  By concentrated thought, the required conditions will be brought about, and the proper effort put forth, which will result in bringing about the circumstances necessary to realize our desires.

Image result for diagram of 3 brains

If we are happy ourselves we can make others happy.  But we cannot be happy unless we have, health, strength, congenial friends, pleasant environment, sufficient supply, not only to take care of our necessities but to provide for those comforts and luxuries to which we are entitled.

This is how we use or Thinking Brain, Thought is a spiritual activity and is therefore creative, but make no mistake, thought will create nothing unless it is consciously, systematically, and constructively directed; and herein is the difference between idle thinking, which is simply a dissipation of effort, and constructive thinking, which means practically unlimited achievement.

“When you really come into a realization of the fact that you (not your body, but the Ego), the “I,” the spirit which thinks is an integral part of the great whole, that it is the same in substance, in quality, in kind, that the Creator could create nothing different from Himself, you will also be able to say, “The Father and I are one” and you will come into an understanding of the beauty, the grandeur, the transcendental opportunities which have been placed at your disposal.”

Is not this an exciting thought, that we and The Father are One.  Then as Jesus was one with the Father we are also one with Him.  Hence with thoughts that are aligned with The Fathers thinking, we can create the life of Happiness and Harmony with health, strength, congenial friends, pleasant environment, sufficient supply, not only to take care of our necessities but to provide for those comforts and luxuries to which we are entitled.

Image result for God's connection in our lives

I love how these 13 weeks are changing my life and my thoughts.  This course enhances my thinking by taking it to a whole new level.  My Personal Life needs are Spiritual Growth and Helping Others.  This MKE program is helping me more fully achieve these goals.


Week 12 – MKE …Laws of the Mind

“You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.” This is a powerful statement and with its application, you can change your life and have whatever you desire as long as it is consistent with Universal Laws, Gods Laws.  With this as a basis, you can construct an ideal business, an ideal home, ideal friends, and an ideal environment. You are not restricted as to material or cost. A thought is omnipotent and has the power to draw on the Infinite bank of primary substance for all that it requires. Infinite resources are therefore at your command.

This week I have continued to work on focusing on positive thinking, continued reading and listening, performing affirmations and following my daily agenda.  I am feeling good about all the focus I am giving to my day and feeling good about who I am becoming.  I like the new ME that I am working on becoming.  I am WHOLE, PERFECT, STRONG, POWERFUL, Loving, Harmonious and HAPPY.

As I am learning the Laws of the Mind I now have the opportunity to implement them.  I have the courage to dare and the faith to do.  As I improve myself and turn into the new me I am focusing on improving my life in 3 areas. First helping others and myself to increase our financial resources.  Second, helping others and myself to improve our spirituality.  Third, becoming the “perfect husband” for my wife of over 60 years.  I am working on seeing, feeling, and sensing the new Me already successful in these three categories.

“Things are created in the mental or spiritual world before they appear in the outward act or event. by the simple process of governing our thought forces today, we help create the events which will come into our lives in the future, perhaps even tomorrow. Educated desire is the most potent means of bringing into action the law of attraction.”

This is the process that God created the Universe and we can use this same power to create our own personal world.  It is done using the same laws and thoughts as God has done in creating the perfect world for us.   We can do the same for us and create using the same laws our own perfect world and life.  Isn’t this just great?  Yes!  Connecting to God and using the same laws we can do what God has done and create our ideal and perfect life, relationships and resources.

The Seven Laws of the Mind establish the knowledge needed to use God’s methods to establish our own Perfect and ideal life.  Here are the Seven Laws of the Mind:

Law of Substitution
We cannot think about 2 things at the same time. If a negative thought enters your mind ~ try to think about God instead. If that is too big a reach at the time, use any fond memory or other pleasant thought. Jesus, the Master Teacher, said, “Resist not evil” ~ meaning turn from it and think about something else instead.

Law of Relaxation
Mental effort defeats itself ~ exactly the opposite of physical effort. A relaxed, calm state of mind, is the only doorway to progress mentally. Relaxation of thought is the only access to Infinite Intelligence.

Law of Practice
Practice makes perfect. The 5Ps – Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance. Our bewilderment of magnificence in others, upon further inspection, finds…as Wooden shares ‘you’ll find most of it is practice, the rest of it is work. With the practice of the correct things, we improve ~ on the other 6 Laws of the Mind.

Law of Forgiveness
To access the Divine and connect the subconscious to the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Creator we must forgive everyone and anyone to clear the channel. There can be no connection to the Divine mind where anger or resentment against a brother or sister, justified or not, exists.

Law of Dual Thought
A thought is a combination of ideation and feeling. We can attach any feeling to a thought we want.

Law of Subconscious
As soon as the subconscious accepts the idea it becomes a demand and it works constantly, 24-7, to manifest demand ~ accessing a reservoir of infinite resources.

Law of Growth

Whatever we think about grows. What we forget atrophies.

With experience with these laws, we can become the whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and a happy person with resources and relationships that are needed.  Is’nt that exciting!

Week 11 – MKE: Controlling​ our Lives

This week’s MKE webinar and the lesson were amazing.  We realized that our lives are controlled by laws and ones that we invoke ourselves.  We also learned again that we are part of the great universe that has plenty of anything and everything we need.  We just have to train our subconscious mind who we want to be and what we want to receive.    To find and train our new selves and let the universe deliver what we need comes down to becoming skilled in four new activities and then turning those activities into habits.  We have more capabilities than we realize and we must be trained to put them to use for ourselves.

This section of this weeks lesson took new meaning for me.

“The truth must be told to each generation and to every people in new and different terms, so that when the Great Teacher said — “Believe that ye receive and ye shall receive” or, when Paul said — “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” or, when modern science says — “The law of attraction is the law by which thought correlates with its object”, each statement when subjected to analysis, is found to contain exactly the same truth. The only difference being in the form of presentation.” 

So what we learn here is that you need to know who you are and feel you have already received what you are asking for.  You must know it is already in your possession, spiritually and emotionally and the physical reality will soon show up.  This is what we are working on and experimenting with this week.

My experimentation has to do with one of my PPN’s, Loving Betty.  I am feeling this is already completed spiritually and emotionally and I am seeing and feeling it physically as well.  During my daily SIT I am focused on this PPN and feeling it is already complete.  I am loving this MKE program and understanding that your life is governed by law – by actual, immutable principles that never vary.  Law is in operation at all times; in all places. Fixed laws underlie all human actions.   All we have to do is understand the Laws and program or subconscious mind to respond to these laws.

This is what we have been doing now for 11 weeks.  I am loving this process.